Friday, 8 May 2015

Wedding Summer Bliss !!!!

Hey brides what I learnt about taking wedding dresses to an exotic location is you have to make sure the dress isn’t heavy or awkward to carry and easily crushed. My other top tip - if it’s chiffon or satin you can steam it by hanging it up in the shower room! 
I hung all the gorgeous frocks up in my bathroom and they came up beautifully for the shoot! My room looked very pretty with all those divine creations brightening it up. Being totally paranoid about these gowns all arriving safely I carried them all on the plane myself (I never lost sight of them!) so there was no dramas about a missing dress. I have to say my arms were killing me. It would probably be advisable if you were a bride flying off for a “destination wedding” to do the same. I can’t think of anything worse than a damaged or lost gown! 
I thought I’d share some cute pics of me and the crew living it up. No seriously we are working really. (see me with our very clever hair and make up gal Kim Tavares below - we're having a lunch break and keep scrolling to see our view!) 
Check out the actual shoot in the magazine (we’ve called it Island Girl), as it is really is a hot one and if I do say myself quite perfect for inspiration if your dream is a beach wedding. Now that summer’s here it’s very apt reading.

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