Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Learn How to start a Blog in step by step guide (Screenshot Tutorial)

So you want to start a blog? Great Idea! 

But what about the skills required to write a blog ?
Anyone with basic computer knowledge can set one up. Yes, this includes you!
Starting a blog can seem daunting, but it is actually quite easy.
By following this guide you can expect to have a blog up and running in under an hour.
So lets get started !!!!

1. Before You Set Up Your Blog

Understand What Blogging Is

Blogs are an online journal where one can freely express their opinion, thoughts, subject expertise etc on a regular basis in reverse chronological order.

Ok, that was a blog definition.

How about you answering the following questions about blogs to check your understanding of basic blogging terminology.

What is a post ?

What is blogging ?

Who is a blogger ?

If you are unsure about the answers, you can read about basic blogging terminology in my article What Is A Blog.

2. Start Your Own Blog

Blogs are created using blogging software. The software we’ll be using in this guide is called Blogger (It is free and owned by Google). It’s by far the best and most popular blogging system. 

Before we start a blog in Blogger, we need a Google account.

1.Create an Google Account

(If you use Gmail, Google Groups, or orkut, you already have an Google Account, and you can skip to step 2.) 

If you don't have a Google Account yet, you can create one now (PICTURE 1).


Choose a username ( is what i have choosen) , fill up all personal details and agree to Google's terms of service and click NEXT

You can add a photo to your profile, then click NEXT STEP

That's it ! You are all set to start using Blogger.

2. Create Blog using Blogger

So now let us see the steps to make a Blog using Blogger.
To start using Blogger, click here to sign in with your Google Account. 


3. Create Google + Profile
After logging in, you view a Welcome To Blogger screen, with a confirm your profile optionsClick on Create a Google+ profile (see PICTURE 3)


4. You should see the screen shown below. Click on 
(If you have just created a new Google account in step 1, then keep pressing next/continue till you get to following screen shown below.)

5. Blogger Dashboard
You are now viewing the Blogger Dashboard (PICTURE 5 below)
and yes now it is the time to create a new blog !!!!!!
To create a New Blog, yeah you guessed it, Click on New Blog button 


6. Create New Blog
Then Create a New Blog Screen (PICTURE 6) pops up where you can select the following:

Title: Select a title based on the topic you are going to blog
( Just for example, I have chosen title 'How To Make a Blog' )
Address: Select a URL (internet address) for your blog. It will be of the form (My urlname is MakeBlogForFun)
So later to view the blog, users will type in the browser,

Theme: Select a theme based on your blog topic (Theme can be changed later)

Next Step is to click  which will create your blog (PICTURE 7).


That's it !!! 
I have created a new blog called 'How to make a Blog' and i can start  posting.

What do you think? Did you find it useful ? Share your valuable experience and insights in the comments box below. 

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