Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tips For Writing Killer Headlines

Effective HEADLINES are the key to getting more traffic to your website !!!

Here are some amazing tips for writing great headlines for your blogs, internet advertising, websites, articles and books.

Headlines play a significant part in convincing web browsers to become readers of your site.If you think headlines are not as important as the content, I would say think again.You may have the best content in your posts or articles but if your headline is drab,dull and boring, the web user will simply surf to the next site, without checking your amazing content.

So here are my tips for writing headlines:

Identify Keywords

The first step is to read through your article and mark out all the key words. Now you will have a small set of important words (keywords) about your article. Make combinations of keywords to find all interesting headlines. Put those headlines into the appropriate kinds of headlines (see next section).

Use Appropriate Headline Type

There are many types of headlines which are used according to the message you want to convey to the reader.

DIRECT HEADLINE : It directly goes into the core of the article in a straight forward manner without any meandering. For example,

"Cash On Delivery"

QUESTION HEADLINE : You must ask a question that gets your visitor involved and leads them into reading the article or post. For example,

"Need A Unique Web Design? You have come to the right place!!"

BENEFIT HEADLINE : State in the headline itself, the advantages for further browsing. For example,

"50 fool-proof ways to make money on the internet!"

GUARANTEED HEADLINE : Such headlines are used to build trust. For example a hotel ad headline maybe,

"Best rates guaranteed"

Deliver On The Promise

Deliver what is promised in your title. If you say there are 10 tips, make sure there are 10 tips. If you say there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, make sure it’s there! The last thing you want to do is start a blog commenting riot by not delivering what your headline says you will.

 Headline Font and Color

The headline ideally should be a standout phrase emphasizing the contents of your article. Therefore the font for your headline should be much larger than the fonts used for other text elements (paragraphs, text body, sub-headings etc) in your article. Also use a different color for the headline.

Do you have any more valuable suggestions to make regarding headlines. Share your valuable experience and insights in the comments box below. 

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