Monday, 17 September 2012

What is a blog ?

Blogs have been around for quite some time now.One hears the term 'blog' on television, during meetings, seminars, social gatherings, etc. and even land up on blogs while surfing the internet.

So what is a blog ?

A blog is a website in which articles are written on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order (most recent articles categorized by date  appear on top in a blog). A blog comprises text, hypertext, images, and links (to other web pages and other files). A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary.

Individual articles on a blog are called “blog posts”, “posts” or “entries”. 



Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called “blogging”.

A person who posts these entries is called a “blogger”.

A blog reader (web users) can comment on the blogs and participate in the conversation. The postings on a blog are maintained in chronological order, which means the most recent blog posted will be featured above and the older ones will follow. 

Since no coding knowledge is required, anybody and everybody can start a blog of their own. To start a blog, all one needs to do is find a free blogging service and register with a catchy name. For the layout of the blog you can take any one of the many website templates offered by the blogging service or make one on your own. There is an option for creating a post, wherein one can publish one's posts. It's that simple! And your blog is on the way! Ready to roll and ready to connect to the world.

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