Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Getting engaged is awesome. And then you have to plan a wedding. The entire thing can be totally daunting and for those of you who are feeling like you need some guidance, I’m going to try and help you out.
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ONE | Don’t wait to book your vendors
TWO | Find someone you connect with
THREE | Look at their blog or social media accounts
FOUR | Show 15 photos, (max!) to get your vision across.
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DONT WAIT! |  If you don’t know what kind of style you like, I recommend starting your photography research when you start your venue research. And as soon as you book your venue (and consequently have your date), book your photographer!
I met with a bride recently who thought that since her wedding was a year away, she didn’t have to ‘rush’ to find her vendors. This makes me so nervous for her, because there IS a rush. I hate to say it, but it is true. If you have a favorite vendor, I guarantee they are someone else’s favorite too and you don’t want to miss out on booking them. Yes, a year is a long ways away, but not in wedding world! So get to it. Email that photographer or florist you love…right now! And if they are already booked, ask for their recommendations. It is a great way to find a similar style you love, and an added bonus if they are already admired by a fellow wedding vendor!
FIND SOMEONE YOU CONNECT WITH |  You want to find someone that you a. like and b. get along with. And if you become friends, that’s even better!  This is pretty important when planning your wedding, because it is you and your fiancĂ©es big day! Good communication = happy bride + happy vendors!
LOOK AT THEIR BLOG AND SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS | If you feel like you are totally overwhelmed by websites, I recommend checking out the vendors’ blog or social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram. Often it will help you a. feel more connected with them/get to know their personality and b. get a sense of what their current work looks like. This can help determine what you really want in a vendor, and should make the decision making process a bit easier.
GETTING YOUR VISION ACROSS | Select 15 images, MAX! It is really hard, let me tell you. But narrowing it down to some images you love will help get the ultimate vision of your wedding across to your planner and florist. And even if you aren’t working with a planner or stylist, it will help you stick to a certain vision and determine what is important to you and your fiancĂ©. There are so many awesome options out there, so its easy to get distracted and start pinning like a crazy person. 

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