Sunday, 10 May 2015

A One Off Wedding in Goa!!

In these times when we are supposed to be thoughtful and careful about spending money and the $$$ are to be hemorrhaged on a wedding (and let’s face it - that’s what it feels like) then the end result better be very special!

In particular spending on the wedding gown. There’s no doubt that it is a girl’s main focus from the minute she’s engaged until she has her look all sorted. (For some it has been a focus since childhood!)
So my point is when times are tough a distinctive object of beauty is very desirable. Not just a run of the mill frock but a truly beautiful gown with some fascinating twist, an element of surprise in the design, some “WOW factor” and most treasured of all characteristics – uniqueness! A UNIQUE creation has to be highly valued in a gloomy atmosphere of budget slashing.
I thought of this as I have recently spoken to a few different designers who have noticed an adventurous spirit with clients, a willingness to try different colour and embellishments. I am so relieved to hear that after what seemed like years of the boring (sorry if I offend anyone) A-line strapless gown being ubiquitous! It must mean that brides are thinking about how to stand out and have that super special day in an outfit to make the guests gasp!
So how can we stay gorgeous, glamorous, pretty and unusual. (can you hear Kath & Kim ringing in your ears?).
Some touches that have struck me as having a bit of an edge and that would lift the bridal look into a more distinctive fashion statement.

• Vintage embroidered caplets or boleros. I am thinking elaborate beaded pieces or very special fabric. (check these top 2 images from Gwendolynne, one of my favourite local designers – very 1920’s.)
• Arresting colour – gold, silver, red, emerald green
• Hand painted fabric – there are some incredible fabrics out there (see pic of the full skirt on the right and check the delicate pattern.).
• The use of some sentimental jewellery or fabric incorporated into your gown eg:– Mum’s old wedding lace, Granny’s stunning antique brooch incorporated into the dress design at the bodice, waist or strap.
• Amazing headpiece – flapper style beaded headbands, silk flowers, real jewels. (see below)
There is a real point to starting from scratch with design, fabric, accessory ideas etc when your aim is for something out of the ordinary. Couture wins again! Go for it – you only get married once! (best case scenario!)

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