Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tips For A Bridal Make Up Trial

You will have read previous blogs from Laura Geoghran (Make Up artist extraordinaire) and you will have picked up tips on great products and skincare. Now in her last instalment she provides tips on getting your make up trial.

I know when I was getting mine I was worried that I wouldn’t like it and was pretty daunted by the overall experience. I have training in make-up artistry and still I didn’t know what to expect or what I wanted the end outcome to be. All I knew was that I wanted to look amazing!

Laura recommends the following when you start planning your bridal make up:
Shop Around: You don’t have to go with the first make-up artist you meet! If you were unsure or needed to see a second application from someone else to compare, then do that! Make Up artists are so used to doing many faces so they won’t be upset if you decide that someone is better for what you are looking for.
Time Zone: You generally do your trial 6-8 months in advance.
Who Goes: You don’t need to get the whole bridal party a trial. Just you is generally enough unless you want to make a treat out of it or have a night out planned where you get double the benefit.
The Look: Pick out some looks from magazines, online, Pinterest etc and bring them with you. You may not be able to describe what you like so let the pictures do the talking! BUT be warned! Just because you bring the picture, doesn’t mean that you will end up looking like Kim Kardashian. Plus certain looks are made for certain face shapes or eye shapes and they may not suit you.
Hair: Try and have your hair as close to the way it’s going to be on the day. I.E. if you are getting an up style, throw it up!
Wear White/Cream: This will reflect the make-up better. This can help the make-up artist match colour tones. If white makes you a little pale, they will be able to use colours to warm your complexion up.
Unhappy: If you get home and don’t like it. Tell the make-up artist. Explain what you didn’t like and see if they feel they can address the issue. You have to remember that this is a trial for both of you!
Opinions: Get other people’s opinions. Take pictures of what you look like and show a few people close to the wedding and see what you think. I remember when I got mine done, my bridesmaid thought the lipstick was a little light and when I asked for a shade darker, I got it and it really completed the look. Some may give you feedback that you don’t agree with. Trust your gut and do what feels right for you.

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